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Grabber Hand Warmer, 40 Pairs

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Grabber Hand Warmer, 40 Pairs by Hand Warmers   Grabber Hand Warmer, 40 Pairs
At Walmart
on 2-2-2018
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Owner Comments
While I have not used the product, what I received was not what I ordered. I ordered 2 cases of 20 pairs for a total of 40 pairs of handwarmers. What I received was 2 pair of handwarmers. The packing slip total $ amount and the product description were correct for 2 cases (40 pair), this descrepancy should have been caught when filling the order. I just hope that my replacement order is accurate and I that I receive them in time for their intended purpose.

  • Last 7 plus hours
  • Average temperature: 135 degrees F
  • Warmer dimensions: 2 inch x 3.5\"

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    Updated on 2-2-2018.