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on 5-31-2018
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Owner Comments
This is a long read, but if you are looking to spend $500 on a flasher it is well worth a couple minutes of your time.I have owned this unit for three seasons now and it has been a fair product at best.PROS:The ICE series flashers have the best user interface of all the ice flashers out there. The large backlit LCD screen and digital depth readout is awesome. The auto depth feature works great.CONS:The object separation is not very good... especially in water over 25ft. It is hard to see your bait at times and constantly need to be adjusted. As for the transducer support cable, throw it away immediately. If it isn't adjusted right it holds your transducer at an angle so it points off into no mans land.The deal breaker...I ended up breaking the top knob (gain knob) on my flasher and it was out of warranty, so I wanted to fix it myself. So I opened it up and found it was a simple fix. It was a broken potentiometer (a $5 part), so this $5 part, a soldering iron, and 30min would fix this...I contacted Humminbird support to get this part and it turns out that this $5 potentiometer is an \"in house only part inch so they will not send it to me. The only way to fix it is to send it to Humminbird, and there is a minimum charge of $110.95 if you send in any Humminbird product to get fixed. No way of getting around this, believe me I tried. So I tried to find the part myself and it turns out that it was specially made for Humminbird and they won't sell it to third parties.I'm trying not to sound to bitter about this product, but even if I had not broke the knob off and didn't have to deal with their poor customer service, I would still have to (highly) recommended a different flasher. They have nicest screen, but when it comes down to graphing/plotting fish the FL-20 (any of the FL series for that matter) beats it hands down.THANKS FOR READING!!!

Product Description

ICE 45 Ice Fishing Flasher

Humminbird's ICE 45 ice fishing flasher uses 3-color fiber optic flasher with a center dial LCD display engineered for peak performance in temperatures as cold as -20xF. The LCD includes digital depth and allows the flasher to automatically adjust the depth scale, eliminating the guesswork and estimation of depth scale overlays. Rely on Humminbird ice flashers to find your spots and keep your cooler full.

At the heart of the Humminbird ICE 45 Ice Flasher is a Dual Beam 9 Degree (240 kHz) 19 Degree (455 kHz) transducer allowing for a greater overall cone of view. This flasher runs at four depth scales in manual mode: 20 ft., 40 ft., 80 ft. and 200 ft. and seven depth scales in automatic mode: 20 ft., 40 ft., 60 ft., 80 ft. 100 ft., 120 ft. and 200 ft.

The ICE 45 includes a 4 button control pad with zoom, gain, noise, and beam selections for easy fine tuning. A LCD battery voltage indicator lets you know the flashers power condition. This unit includes a rechargeable 7 amp hour 12 volt battery and charger.

  • LCD and 3-color fiber-optic flasher display
  • Overlay depth scale delivers excellent viewing in sunlight
  • 1800 watts peak-to-peak power
  • 10-step interference rejection
  • 4 depth scales (manual mode): 20', 40', 80', 200'
  • 7 depth scales (auto mode): 20', 40', 60', 80', 100', 120', 200'
  • Shuttle mount with built-in gimbal bracket
  • 7AH battery with charger
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty


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Updated on 5-31-2018.