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Humminbird 407020-1 Ice 35 Fishing Flasher

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Humminbird 407020-1 Ice 35 Fishing Flasher by Ice Fishing Supplies   Humminbird 407020-1 Ice 35 Fishing Flasher
At Walmart
on 1-16-2018
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Owner Comments
The question anyone should have when looking at this product is, Humminbird, Marcum, or go with THE NAME - Vexilar. Although Vex lives up to it's name, I believe for the extra options of zoom, 2 different frequencies to choose from and the flat screen - without the protruding plastic piece which doesn't allow for others to view the screen - an upgrade for Vex, from basically it's base $300 model, should pull you from Vex to the Humminbird. As far as Marcum: I cant say for sure as I haven't been fishing next to one of them, but from what I hear from the guys I've been fishing with - them with Vex and me with humminbird is - They have had trouble with interference when fishing next to Marcums. I've also heard that the extra power signal or whatever is said to possibly scare the fish or make them nervous about feeding. I don't know for sure about that but I do know next to the Vex, both of us had trouble with interference at first and it was an easy solution by changing my frequency. I've had great luck with the Humminbird and when the Vex was showing fish.... so was mine. I do however wish the Ice 35 had a back lit screen, but really ... once you see the depth, it really doesn't matter. Ya just set your jig about a foot above the bottom or fish that are showing up on the screen and watch them - the lights move on up to your bait! These things will change the way you fish and you WILL be catching FAR more of em! Oh, the con of this product is - It has no case. I think that you can buy one seperately though.

FeaturesThe ICE 35 ice fishing flasher features a large 3-color fiber optic display with overlay depth scale that delivers excellent readability. The combination of selectable dual beam transducer and a powerful 800 watts of peak-to-peak power are sure to make this flasher a trusted companion at a great val

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