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Polar Fleece Mens Thermal Insulated Gloves

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Polar Fleece Mens Thermal Insulated Gloves by Insulated Gloves   Polar Fleece Mens Thermal Insulated Gloves
At Walmart
on 6-12-2018
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Owner Comments
These gloves suit me perfectly for winter strolls.These gloves are not made of wimpy thin fleece, they are of THICK fleece, so fine dexterity is sacrificed. For instance, it is challenging to button a jacket's cuff with theses gloves on.Also, I think the gloves are a bit pricey, since I purchased fleece gloves of similar quality at STD for less than half of the price of these and also I saw similar fleece gloves at BIG5 for less too.Nonetheless, if you don't need fine dexterity, and the price seems reasonable to you these gloves should prove themselves as a warm, 5 star pair of winter gloves.I'm a man and my usual glove size is Medium (8 inch diameter across my palm and 7 1/2 inch length from my wrist to middle fingertip). However, I believe they should accommodate larger hand sizes, for sure a Large.Additional notes:* Too thick to be used as a glove liners.* The gloves are entirely of fleece and don't offer grip patches.* 100% polyester fleece material.Pros:* Thick fleece* Lightweight and very flexible.* Machine washable.* Water resistant.* Warm.Cons:* Not smart screen compatible.* A bit pricey.* Not waterproof.* Restricts fine dexterity.

Product Description
Any man would appreciate these thermal insulated fleece gloves. They are made from soft & comfortable material that will keep his hands warm all winter long. At the wrist, these feature an adjustable closure that can be tightened or loosened.
Adjustable Wrist Strap

Fleece Lined Interior

Finished With Classic LD Logo

Exclusively made and sold by Luxury Divas. Product details, quality and images are accurate only when purchased through Luxury Divas.

Product Code: APS00682 SKU: S03823
Glove is 5 inches from side to side, un-stretched. Glove is 10.5 inches from edge of wrist to tip of middle fingertip. Plenty of stretch for comfort.

  • These thermal gloves have a fleece lined interior.
  • Each of these thermal gloves is finished with the classic LD logo.
  • An adjustable wrist strap on each glove allows for a proper and comfortable fit.

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Updated on 6-12-2018.