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Garelick 21' Snow Roof Rake

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Garelick 21' Snow Roof Rake by Roof Rakes   Garelick 21' Snow Roof Rake
At Walmart
on 8-13-2018
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Owner Comments
I had been shoveling and using a long broom to remove snow from my roof. That worked somewhat, but was not a great solution. So I ordered one of these Garelick 21 Snow Roof Rakes on a quick delivery and was happy to see it arrive even earlier than expected. It went together very easily and is well constructed. It worked much better at pulling the snow off my roof than trying to use the old shovel and broom method. Definitely happy with this tool.There are four 5-foot sections which can be quickly attached/detached to give you four different lengths 21, 16, 11, and 6 foot. For me I found that setting it up for 16 foot was efficient for most areas. It does become a bit floppy with all 4 sections for a 21 foot reach, but is still manageable. I had thought about getting an extra 5-foot extension for it, but am glad I didn't because that would have been too much. The job of removing snow from the roof is still a bit of work, but has become much easier!

Product Description

Garelick 89421 21 Foot Aluminum Snow Roof Rake:
  • 21' snow roof rake
  • Prevents damage from ice dams and removes heavy snow from roof
  • Exclusive patented Shingle Saver roller design is easy to use
  • Garelick snow roof rake's blade doesn't touch roof's surface, preventing damage
  • Model# 89421
  • Aluminum snow roof rake is immune to rust and corrosion
  • Lightweight tool weighs only 6 lbs
  • Collapses down to 3 pieces for easier storage
  • Allows you to work from the ground or a ladder

  • 21' snow roof rake
  • Prevents damage from ice dams and removes snow
  • Exclusive patented Shingle Saver roller design

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    Updated on 8-13-2018.