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Bigfoot Toddler Snow Shovel

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Bigfoot Toddler Snow Shovel by Snow Shovels   Bigfoot Toddler Snow Shovel
At Walmart
on 12-11-2017
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Owner Comments
The shovel is a good size for my 3 year old who is 3.5' tall. It's short enough that he can use it but long enough that he won't grow out of it for a few years. It seems sturdy but the neck of the handle is curved and a little deformed. I'm guessing that's from storage or shipping. I think a wooden handle would have been a better choice. The scoop is a little shallow, too. So there won't be large amounts of snow being pushed or scooped. All in all, it's a fine shovel that will get a lot of use but could be made with sturdier materials and designed better.

  • GREAT FAMILY GIFT IDEA  The ESP Kids Snow Shovel makes for a perfect gift during the holidays. While shoveling snow can seem like a chore, shoveling snow alongside your child can be a fun, family-bonding experience that helps teach kids responsibilities.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS  The handle of this kids snow shovel is reinforced with durable ribbing that allows for a durable shovel that weighs only one pound. Its non-metal composition is safe for kids while shoveling snow.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND KID SAFE  Compared to standard shovels, this kids snow shovel weighs only one pound in order to fit smaller hands. Since it was specially designed to accommodate kids capabilities, they can handle this snow shovel with ease.

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