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Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB Hybrid Single Stage Snow Blower | 18-Inch | 40 Volt | 13.5 Amp |...

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Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB Hybrid Single Stage Snow Blower | 18-Inch | 40 Volt | 13.5 Amp |... by Snowblowers   Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB Hybrid Single Stage Snow Blower | 18-Inch | 40 Volt | 13.5 Amp |...
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on 8-13-2018
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Owner Comments
I was originally going to rate this at 4 stars since it did struggle somewhat the first time I used it. Then, I reflected that I had turned it loose on more than a foot of heavy, wet snow which was well beyond its design capabilities. The 2nd time I used it was on 4 inch of lighter snow and it performed like a champ.On the heavier, higher snow I had to back and fill repeatedly - move forward 6\", back up and repeat as necessary. Packed snow, graciously generated by the town plow truck(s), required that I slice the two foot mound down in layers. But, we did get it done and considerably easier than shoveling.Battery lasted a little over a half hour which was enough to do the 50 foot front walk and short length of driveway behind and along side the car. When it died, I plugged it into the house charger and broke out a 12 gauge extension cords (14 - 16 gauge would have been plenty for the 100 feet I had to clear, but you use what's on top of the pile; besides, bigger is generally better, right?). What a (positive) difference! Sno-Joe performed more like the 15 amp \"big red inch machine I'd used until it suddenly quit). Obviously, using AC provided more power to the machine than the battery.With AC power cord attached, I finished cleaning out around the cars and one path back to the rear gate before I surrendered for the night. After the battery re-charged (about 3 hours), I cleaned up the lightly falling snow that continued into the next morning. As the Timex ad used to say \"takes a licking and keeps on ticking.\"Pros: AC / DC capability; relatively lightweight; easy to maneuver; works well on 4 inch - 6 inch of light-to-medium density snow; battery lasts reasonable time; more power on AC than DC; assembled with screws and bolts (no rivets to pop) - easy assembly and dis-assembly; two year standard warranty, 3 year extension at extra cost = 5 years; bright, forward facing flashlight. Oh - unless the snow is denser than gelato, the blower discharges snow far enough that the operator needs to pay attention to what's in its path - I consider than a pro, not a con.Cons: discharge chute does not aim low enough - should be lengthened or curved down more - requires some care not to blast cars parked on the street (yes, you can aim it straight ahead, but why plow the same snow twice?); cord keeper not designed for more than 14 gauge AC power cord; somewhat light construction (compared with the much pricier \"red machine inch - longer warranty offsets that disadvantage somewhat; battery takes about 3 hours to re-charge (\"old guys inch take longer, so it balances out); no warning before the battery dies - goes from 1 light to dead stop in an instant.There were a few scrapes on the underside of the machine out-of-the box - no reason to get worked up as I put more than a few additional dings on it myself. Also, there are a couple of what appear to be cord clips on the rear axle, presumably to take up the slack in the blower's power cables. I made one work, but have no idea how (or if) to use the 2nd. Instruction booklet no help here - no photos or drawings of this area. Lots of different languages, however.Bottom line? Cost effective, dual power, single stage (what the blades scrape up goes directly up the discharge chute) snow blower that punches well above its weight class. Highly recommended - just don't expect it to zip through 8 inch of dense snow - make a couple of passes and both you and Sno-Joe will do just fine!

Product Description
  • Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • Hybrid Technology: choose from included 40 V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery or corded 13.5-amp electric power
  • Powerful 13.5-amp motor moves up to 500 lbs of snow per minute
  • Steel auger with 2 rubber blades cuts a path 18 in. wide by 8 in. deep without damaging surface
  • 8 in. all-terrain wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • 180 adjustable chute throws snow up to 20 ft
  • 3 W LED headlights provides increased visibility for nighttime snow removal
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty; Includes battery and Energy Star certified charger

FeaturesDUAL DYNAMO, REVOLUTIONARY RECHARGEABLE! Just a few short years ago, Snow Joe took the world by storm with their innovative line of eco-friendly, battery-powered snow blowers. Now theyre back in a BIG way again with the iON18SB-HYB.

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