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Heat Holders Women's Thermal Socks

Buy Heat Holders Women's Thermal Socks from Winter Supply Store.  At Winter Supply Store we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best merchandise in the easiest-to-use site around.  Navigation buttons have been provided to give all Winter Supply Store patrons this usability, just click the Next or Previous buttons below to see for yourself.  Thank you for shopping at Winter Supply Store!

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Heat Holders Women's Thermal Socks by Thermal Socks   Heat Holders Women's Thermal Socks
At Walmart
on 2-13-2018
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Owner Comments
So I do love these socks.. they def help keep my feet warm and that's no easy task... I can even squish them into my shoes though they are a bit thick and only work with my larger sneakers. The only problem is that there is a hole in the heel of my pair that I've only had since winter... it seems like they should've lasted longer... so durability is in question here..

  • Keep your feet warm
  • Heavy bulk yarn
  • Available in various colors

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    Updated on 2-13-2018.