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Rocky Ultimate Wool Socks

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Rocky Ultimate Wool Socks by Wool Socks   Rocky Ultimate Wool Socks
At Walmart
on 2-6-2018
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Owner Comments
I bought these socks for work, I work in wet and muddy conditions and need to keep my feet warm and dry. With a good pair of boots they do a great job. 70% wool they pull the sweat away from your skin and keep you dry while cotton socks are like a sponge and just soak it up. I've had people say my boots are water proof but my feet still get wet. That is the perspiration that the cotton socks soak up. I wear wool socks and boots with a gor Tex liner for dry feet, I work 12 hour shifts in the gas and oil fields usually 70 hours a week and I wouldn't were any thing else.

  • ScentIQ technology helps prevent foot odor
  • Stretch fibers from top to toe for a snug fit
  • Machine washable

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    Updated on 2-6-2018.